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La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia

Dollars3000 per person

Time to explore Bolivia!

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    Miami, Florida
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Tour Plan

October 20 – Meet in Miami
Here we will all be arriving at different times so we will get everyone settled in a place where you can clean up and relax and get things ready for our international trip in the morning. We will have time to introduce ourselves at this time before we head out on this adventure. We will also have the option of going out in Miami and finding a place for dinner.
October 21 – Fly out of Maimi and into La Paz, Bolivia
We will all get into Bolivia and here we will plan on spending a few hours in customs getting Visas organized. You will need crisp new dollar bills or you may run the risk of not being able to get your visa. I would suggest bringing snacks in your bags just incase this takes longer than we expect. From here we will go to our Hostel and set up our living space for the next several days. You have the option of going to the market and getting food to bring back and prepare yourself, we can go eat in town on our own or as a group.
October 22 – First Full day in La Paz
Due to the elevation we will spend some time acclimating. We do not want to do too much too fast. Here will be the perfect day to take a tour around town. Breakfast and coffee will be provided by Mountain Mamas as well as an organized museum tour. You are welcome to explore on your own. Lunch and Dinner will be up to you. We can make a decision to go to a restaurant or to go to the market and prepare a meal together at the hostel. The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing.
October 23 – Second day in La Paz
Breakfast and coffee will be made and ready to go in the morning. We will get ready to go on a small hike outside of La Paz, Valle de la Luna. This will not be a full day hike. This will give us an idea of how everyone is feeling before we move forward for the week. There is a terrific night life in La Paz and we are able to go walk around find some music, eat good food, and do some dancing. You can also choose to take it easy and stay around the hostel with a good book. We are taking it slow a trek up to 17,000 feet can make you feel much different so we really want to work our way into this.
October 24 – Third day head to Huayna Potosi Refuge
Breakfast, pack up and head to Huayna Potosi Refuge Lunch and snacks are only meals not provided. This day we will get here and then set up for the evening, relax a little and enjoy the culture surrounding us
October 25 – Fourth day in Huayna Potosi Refuge
Breakfast, prep lunch and snacks for the hike, hike to base camp. This is a great acclimating trek.
October 26 – Fifth day in La Paz
Breakfast, pack up and head back to La Paz for a couple of days.
October 27 – Sixth day in La Paz
Climbing day if you are interested in rock climbing this will be an extra expense. The guide cost will be split between all attending and it is recommended that if you have climbing gear you do bring your own!! La Paz has some amazing climbing and very different so this will be an exciting experience. Take a moment to look into this link! Please let us know at least a month prior to this trip that this is something you are interested in! If you do not wish to climb there will be other activities such as cooking classes or you are welcome to an extra relax day
October 28 – Seventh day in La Paz
Rest day.
October 29 – Trek starts
We will be hiked into base camp and set up camp. Tents will be provided but if you have your own gear and you would like to bring that with you for comfort, you are welcome to. We will be living out of our back packs for two weeks on this trip so packing light is highly recommended. If you need some tips on gear or a how to pack your pack for a trip like this please feel free to ask! We would love to do a demo!
November 1 – Trek ends
We head back to La Paz for the night to rest.
November 2 – Fly back to Miami
Accommodations will be taken care of so we can clean up and rest for the night before heading back home. Dinner out and an evening walking around Miami and checking out the beach is a must!!
November 3 – Fly out back to home.
Trip to the airport will be taken care of! We will have a wonderful time together and this good bye will be a tough one, already foreseeing that but we will look forward to more adventures in the future.

Tour Location

La Paz, Bolivia

What’s included in the cost:

  • Flight out of Miami into La Paz and return flight to Miami
  • 1 checked bag at the minimum cost (all other luggage fees are up to you, recommended one large back pack, we will be living out of a back pack for a couple weeks!!!! Pack minimally when moving around you won’t want to have to be lugging a lot around.)
  • Transportation for all group activities in La Paz and Lake Titicaca
  • Breakfast every morning during the acclimation period
  • Lodging the entire trip
  • The trek up Pico Austria
  • Gear for the trek if you are not wanting to bring your own (it is suggested if you have your own light weight gear that you bring it. It will be more comfortable. The stuff provided will be much more primitive.)
  • All meals during the trek

What’s not included:

  • Flights to and from Miami
  • Your passport and visa
  • Vaccinations (yellow fever as well as the recommended vaccinations for the USA)
  • Lunch and dinner in acclimation period due to exploring the town and choosing different places to eat
  • Any extra excursions not done with the group in acclimation period. There will be offered to the group a climbing day. This is optional and will depend on the weather for outdoor climbing but there is an option for indoor as well. The price is not included for this excursion, the guide cost will be split amongst the group and you are responsible for either bringing your own equipment or the rental at time of the excursion.
  • Any transportation that is not done with the group activities
  • Travel insurance ( is recommended highly for a travel insurance, make sure to consider the emergency evacuation with that insurance plan.)
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